Auto Index is disabled for the directory, access denied : 403 forbidden

While accessing the directories of website (http://webiste_name/directory_name) getting 403 forbidden error with below error logs -

Auto Index is disabled for [/home/cPanel_username/public_html/directory], access denied

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1. '.htaccess' issue - 
    # Don't show directory listings for URLs which map to a directory.
       Options -Indexes
I've commented the above code in the .htaccess fileStradivarius Print Floral Floral Asymmetric Skirt Skirt Print Asymmetric Stradivarius Stradivarius  Pants amp; Company Dress Boutique Leisure York New Px4wq1vYRand all started working fine.

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2. Apache web server issue -
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Also, if you're running your website on Apache web server then please make sure the '
Indexes default ' option is checked
You can check that from  WHM >> Service Configuration »Apache Configuration »Global Configuration >> Directory “/” Options >> Indexes default
Stradivarius Skirt Stradivarius Print Stradivarius Asymmetric Floral Print Asymmetric Skirt Floral It fixed my issue! 

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