I have forged many bonds,

none has lasted as a child born

My days are showered with your memory

and your fondness, strong as ivory

I’ve taken so much,

warmed and slowly waited to hatch

now that i think about it

its God’s way of having a meet

for i never had a single possession faithful as the morning

but a mind like mine forever thinks – day of mourning

I’ve lived in fear,

a truth you always hated to hear

death is skulking around us – today is proof

its just another truth

i am who i am

but thanks for holding me up

thanks for crying

so i could afford the careless flying

this is our last end

and i drove us to this bend

thanks for how i was kept

i dont forget my debts

maybe i shouldn’t have been over protective or

maybe i should have simply given more

this is the last time i write

for i’ll never reach this height

the last time i stroke a key with a beat in it

the last time it burns…. it hurts and have my night lit

even the legendary phoenix so distinct

today is extinct

we’ve had our fare share

of ends, beginnings and end


Kobik William(Asantewaasblog)


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