A couple of days ago while I was out for lunch, i received a call from a man who seemed to have heard a lot about me. Apparently a mutual friend told him about my PR and marketing prowess and he needed my expertise in the growth of his company that was at the verge of collapse.

We scheduled a meeting and at exactly 17:59 GMT on Friday I was at the parking lot of Golden Tulip awaiting his arrival. He finally drove in at about a quarter past 6pm and we both headed for the poolside where we started our discussion over a bottle of non-alcoholic Wine.

After about an hour of intellectual deliberations we agreed on some terms and our meeting came to an end.

En route back to the parking lot, someone tapped me from the back. To my astonishment, it was a colleague delegate at the International Model UN conference in 2011. She was gorgeously dressed up in a short straight dress standing on a pair of six inch (6″) heels. She also had long weave extentions of Brazilian hair which I guess was about 3 packs(that’s approximately 1500ghc depending on the type). I couldn’t resist her alluring charms so I excused the man and spoke to her for a while.

After successfully taking some warm hugs and exchanging a few pleasantries, she hastily asked….. “eeiy u have connection ooh.. where do you know that man” without a soothsayer, one could easily tell she knew a lot of “big guys” in town.

Looking at her appearance I was curious so I asked where she was now, what she did and what her plans were for the future…. To my utter dismay, she replied…. ” hmmm I’m jobless ooh. Pleases try and link me wai or even if I get some capital I’d start some small business”

I probed further…. about how much do u need to start your business (as if I was going to give her the capital)… just before she could answer my question, her phone rang. She got into her purse and brought out a white Samsung Galaxy note 4. God being so good, that wasn’t the phone ringing so she opened the purse again and this time brought out a Gold plated iPhone 6. I felt like hiding my phone at that moment but who cares the kind of phone I use. I certainly couldn’t leave my question unanswered after what I had seen. As soon as she hanged up I asked again…. “so about how much do you need to start your business”

Looking a little confused she hesitated a bit and said errrrh about 10000ghc will do…… #fast_forward…. I lost interest in the conversation because I realised I’d end up insulting her and she could live her whole life hating me.

You have two sophisticated mobile phones worth more than half of your budgeted business capital.You are carrying hair that’s worth about quarter the capital you require.

Let’s just pretend I didn’t take notice of the acrylic nail extentions and the brands of heels she wore. Let’s also pretend that I didn’t take notice of the brand of dress she had on.

Where that old adage our parents used to sing to us everyday “GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES”

Most ladies accuse men of trying to sleep with them before they get them white collar jobs which are not even worthwhile, yet, from their mascara make up to their toes is enough capital to start their own businesses and be their own bosses.

A lot of people have a wrong perception about university education (degree). I personally think it’s just an eye opener, hence after successfully attaining  degree, one should be able to start something on his/her own if the person doesn’t get enslaved(employed).

You don’t need to put on expensive make ups, hair extensions, clothes or hold big phones to determine your worth. Your value never decreases based on someone’s inability to see your worth. Wise up and get a life!!!! Have a blessed day.


Suntaa Konogini (AsantewaasBlog)


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