So i woke up this morning, and the first thing i heard was a voice ringing in my head asking me when i was going to get married.#smh

We live in a society where after tertiary education, so much pressure is given to women to settle down…. First of all,are we in India???? Am i the one who is supposed to ask for the mans hand in marriage? NO!!!!. So why? ‪#‎Ad3n. How do i settle down if a man doesn’t ask me to?

My bulb burnt out yesterday, and i was trying to fix a new one. I tried for more than an hour, and i still couldn’t do it. I ended up spoiling two new bulbs and i still slept in darkness. Out of frustration, the first thing that came to mind was, “if i were to be married, my husband could have easily fixed this”. So with such thoughts  in my head, what if the man i marry can’t fix a bulb or even tighten the door knob when it’s loose, what happens then? We make it look like marriage makes everything better, which is never true.

In our society, it doesn’t matter what you achieve in life as a woman, if you are not married, people will still think you haven’t achieved anything at all.

We succumb to the pressure and end up in abusive marriages(both physical and emotional abuse) Some men treat us badly in relationships (they cheat, beat us,insult us in public, etc.) but because we want to also get married,we stay, and the rest is history.

I am a lady, and i know how this feels. It’s time the society, our parents, especially our mothers, understand, that marriage is not a rush, and  you are still a very normal human being if  you are not married at some particular age. If they don’t want us to divorce six months after marriage, then they should definitely give us time to make the right choice.


Jennifer Asante(Asantewaasblog)



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