I almost stopped my little motivational write-ups because someone gave me  a negative feedback after he read one of them. This was probably because I touched on issues that didn’t favor him. After giving it a second thought, i remembered two sentences in my previous write-ups.

  1. What someone thinks about you is his/her own opinion/perception. It may not necessarily be the reality.
  2. “Each time you are being propelled to a new level, prepare to meet a new devil.”

I compared the opinion of that single person to the 40+ people who in boxed me to say “Bro, that’s a powerful piece, keep it up”

I equally remembered life is a hierarchy and no matter the level or stage we find ourselves, we are seen as stewards hence people look up to us. God has a purpose for each and everyone of us and no man’s opinion should stop you from excelling. You don’t need to be a billionaire to be able to motivate someone.


I want to talk about “SELF BRANDING”  today. I had the inspiration from a Facebook post I read that talks about some ladies complaining about guys who hit up their inbox and the first thing they talk about is sex.

When you probe further, you realize that more than 90% of those ladies post very provoking pictures “that is how they brand themselves.”


In other words, how do people see you or who do they think you are?

Branding is what distinguishes you from the lot. I would take a few examples from my personal life.

I’m not eager to write about any billionaire because I don’t know what their journeys have been so far. At least I know mine though I haven’t achieved much, I’m however grateful for how far I have come.

My journey started off in Senior Secondary School where I started selling petty electronic gadgets. By the time I got to my first year in the university, I graduated to selling mobile phones, laptops etc. Eventually, I added student souvenirs (wristbands, customized books, shirts, cups…..just name it. Sincerely there is no common genuine business I haven’t ventured into yet.

By the time I left KNUST, I was a fully-fledged business man. I sold cars to people all over…. I travelled to Wa, Bolgatanga & Tamale to sell cars.

There was a period around my national service days when I used to advertise a lot of cars on my social media platforms, especially Facebook.

A friend inboxed me and was of the view that advertising on social media (Facebook) was a waste of time. I was shocked he thought so. In this 21st century if you ain’t able to reach majority of your clients through social media then I’m sorry….. you need to restrategise. It means the bunch of friends you keep maybe as useless as the ‘P’ in psychology. No jokes about this…………..

I’ve sold more than 12 vehicles to people I met through social media. Of course these people are not magicians to know I sell cars if I hadn’t advertised through my posts. There is another family that I have sold three (3) cars to and they have vowed not to purchase any vehicle from anyone else without my involvement or expertise advice.

A couple of years ago, I was introduced to the operations manager of a reputable bank. I sold a vehicle to him, did his after sale service and any other thing he needed to be done on his vehicle.

My conversation with him gave him a clue about the kind of person I am. Till date, I supply that bank with all their brand new tyres and the man has linked me to three (3) of his colleagues who all bought vehicles from me.

Not too long ago, the bank enrolled a mobile banking program and I was contracted to supply 126 mobile phones….. let’s do a little mathematics here. Let’s assume the difference between the wholesale and retail price of each of these phones I supplied is ¢50, it means (126 × 50 ₌ ¢6,300). Implying a simple phone call can actually fetch me more than a whole month’s salary. It may not be much but that’s extra income I didn’t even know about. That’s the power of branding.

Branding cannot be complete without advertisement (selling one’s self). You don’t expect to sit in your corner, fold your arms and expect people to know what you do. You need to associate yourself with what you do best and be known for it.

There could be a 1000 people involved in a particular trade but branding is what distinguishes you from all your competitors. You should market yourself in such a way that your name remains on the lips of people when it comes to your field just as some people refer to every toothpaste as Pepsodent or every washing powder as Omo.

Most of my Facebook friends tag me in pictures that have beautiful cars or some spectacular driving skills because they know I associate with that. I’ve had a few calls to speak on various motivational platforms that I never anticipated. Some I honored, others I couldn’t because of my work schedule. Most of the people who contacted me said they constantly read my stuff on Facebook and they knew I would make an impact on their fora. I’m looking forward to more of those opportunities to touch lives.

I landed my role at Guinness Ghana because of how I branded myself.

Someone who monitors me closely prompted me the role had been advertised. I was scared to apply because I was told thousands of people all over Ghana had applied too. The person who told me about it said “Suntaa, even if they want only one person, I know you will qualify”

He believed in me even more than I did in myself. He watched me from a distance but I never knew. Fortunately, out of the thousands of applicants, I was part of the chosen eight.

There is a reason why out of the lots of waakye sellers in Accra, auntie Muni’s waakye stands out.

Out of the lots of tilapia sellers, Philipo Tilapia gains so much recognition.

Out of the numerous Koko sellers in Accra, Koko king stands tall.

There is a reason why lots of women who braid hair as their profession in Accra go home by trotro when they close yet the popular lady who braids at Madina market drives her own Toyota corolla which she confessed she bought from braiding hair.

There is a reason why some female students come all the way from KNUST to queue just to braid their hair at this popular place in Madina meanwhile there are thousands of people who braid hair in Kumasi.

It’s not magic, that’s branding. You set your standards and people come after you. You start small and do it consistently until people are willing to pay you without bargaining.

In all that you do, give it your best shot because you may never know who is watching.

Before I drop my pen, I would capture the keywords/sentences in my definition of branding.

1.Creating;  You mould your brand to the specification you desire

2.Unique;  It should stand out

3.Product; This could be you the individual or what you market or deal in.

4.Advertising; You should make your brand public/ known

5.Consistent theme; You should be known for a particular thing. Consistence is key.

Branding should distinguish or make you outstanding from the lot .

Let me end by reminding you  that “YOU DRESS TO BE ADDRESSED” …… people deal with you depending on how you carry yourself.

My name is Suntaa and this is my little piece.


by Suntaa Konogini(Asantewaasblog)


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