The Blue-bird Slippers With Two Finely Dug Out Holes


Some months back when i lived in Kumasi, my Sundays were not complete without giving myself a treat of #Acuzzi fufu. The ambience of the pretty young KNUST ladies boosted my appetite.  The regimen changed on the last Sunday of September in 2015 when I decided to visit one of the top restaurants in town (nipa so y3 den). This was actually triggered because Sister Martina’s husband had given me a heavy envelope after I got her the sport edition 4 X 4 Nissan Pathfinder. (In-law I’m grateful)😁

While waiting for my food that was being packaged because I wanted to comfortably eat the chicken to the bone marrow in the confines of my room, I sat near a “couple”…. The man looked trice as old as the lady if not more and from their flirty gestures I could infer that certainly wasn’t his daughter. I could also surmise from their body language that it was probably their first date so the man wanted to impress.

The same #pretty_plump_curvy waitress who attended to me approached the “two” and the man handed six (6) pieces 50ghc notes to her.

She went into an inner room and returned with my food as well as the man’s balance. She delivered my already paid-for food, gave me my change of 5ghc and turned to the “couple”…. As if I was an augur cos I subconsciously predicted, I heard the man say; “oh keep it”.

I became curious and watched keenly. I saw it #ganigani with my own eyes….40ghc was the tip. I shook my head, smiled at the curvy waitress and walked out feeling ashamed for taking my 5ghc change from her 🙈😁😛… Shortly the couple walked out too.. #fastforward…

Coincidentally we moved in the same direction until we stood side by side at the 1st traffic light.

A very dark young man who I guess is about two decades old carrying #air_fresheners walked to me but I signaled him I already had one. He then turned to the man who gave the lofty tip at the restaurant.

When the hawker turned, I noticed his faded black shirt that had almost turned brown had inscriptions of a village SHS. The color of his neck gave me a clue that his dark skin was possibly influenced by severe #sunburn. His pair of trousers that was worse than a mechanics old working gear had holes at the back exposing parts of his black buttocks.His severely patched #blue_bird slippers had two finely dug out holes created by his heels… One could only imagine how many years he had been wearing them trying to make ends meet. When he took the load off his head, I realised the middle portion of his slightly artificial bald head had softer thinner and discoloured hair caused by constantly carrying heavy load.

The man rolled down the passenger glass of his car that had droplets of water due to his powerful air condition. I eavesdropped their conversation. The man wanted to buy a “glade” air freshener and this was what ensued between them;

Man; how much is the glade? (In twi)

Boy; “Please it’s 7ghc sir” (in perfect unedited English)

Man; ooh aba lemme pay 3gh errrh (in twi)

Boy: ooh sir even our suppliers give it to us at 5ghc so we also sell and make a little profit.

Man; ooh masa it’s toooo expensive. If you  really want to sell then let me pay 4ghc before the traffic turns green.

Boy; Please sir… sincerely I haven’t sold anything the whole day so please buy it at 6ghc so I can use the extra 1ghc to buy some food.(almost in tears)

Man; I can see u are not serious and ready to sell….

He rolled his glass up just as the traffic turned green and sped off. I quickly picked out my wallet and threw 5ghc to the guy who was maneuvering his way to the pavement through the vehicles because the traffic had turned green.

✔This is where humanity has gotten to… people want to show off in places where they will be recognised and rather leave poor people to suffer.

✔Some parents attend weddings, funerals and other social functions and make big donations while  their children are been sent away from school for not paying fees.

✔People give money to their girlfriends in cities yet their parents are starving in some remote village.

✔Some people make big pledges and donations in churches so as to get their names mentioned every Sunday yet go to their homes and see a lot of neglected parental responsibilities.

✔We paint a whole different picture of ourselves and portray ourselves as saints outside yet when we get to places where people actually deserve just a bit of affection we ignore them… #hypocrisy everywhere.

✔The rich man attends a colleagues programme and sponsors a huge margin of the cost yet when he is invited to a small village gathering where he can actually feed about half of the population for so many years, he refuses to go…

I could go on and on but well….. that’s the modern society



Suntaa Konogini (Asantewaasblog)


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