Our daily experiences shape our character. Strangely we can acquire certain lasting education from very embarrassing situations provided we ever ready to learn from our mistakes.

Earlier in the year 1990, i was a very small boy in class one. My elder brother and sisters were all in secondary schools and only came back to the village once in a blue moon. Then one Saturday, my brother who was then a six-former in Pope John’s came down with another colleague of his to spend the Christmas with us. Their stay was joyous.

You know those days, rarely one saw a disco-watch. In fact that was the time of its advent. Very few Ghanaians let alone students owned one. If i am not mistaken, in the early 90s all we knew about concerning watches was the old engine watches- the ones you turn the clock each morning to give it some ‘angular power’. My elder brother per the benevolence of our mother owned one of those disco-watches, brought from Apapa in Lagos for him. It was a great sense of pride to own one of these kind at the time.


Not only did we know little about disco-watches then, much to my chagrin little was known about condoms. Panther condoms you remember ? In the early 90s little was known about what it was and for what purpose it served. My brother brought one pack sitting on his table with the black disco-watch on that faithful day.

The next Monday morning a boxing day, however, while my brother and his school friend were in hurry to catch-up with the first Kpong car so they can get to Koforidua very early, he unwittingly left behind his two precious items on his table, a disco-watch and a panther condom- the very two items very little was known then about.

Having no time left, i ran to the Achimota old lorry station shouting “driver driver stop stop, my brother has left his watch and his drug”. I was lucky the lorry did not embark at the time, it was not full up in any case. I handed over the items to my brother with all the passengers and the driver’s mate starring glaringly at the the precious watch and the condom. Then one passenger burst into an uncontrollable laughter ” Tso devi tukui ya gble loo” to wit “aaah this little boy is spoilt ooo”. It took me twelve additional years to have known that what i was actually holding in my hand shouting that day at the lorry park was nothing so precious than a panther condom.


By: Manasseh Mintah(Asantewaasblog)


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