My Girlfriend Is Marrying Her Boss And I Think She’s Carrying My Baby


Dear Asantewaa,

My name is Felix and she is Nana Yaa. We’ve been dating for three years now. We started dating in the university when I was in my third year and she in her second year. We were inseparable and madly in love.

I’m based in Kumasi and she Accra but we made it work even though i left school a year before she did.

After my National Service I gained employment with a reputable company in kumasi.

My girl was posted to do her Service in Kumasi and this was very exciting for both of us because we could finally be together.

She moved in with me as she was still looking for her own apartment.

Everything was okay till three months after she moved in I got back home from town one Saturday afternoon to meet an empty apartment. She had packed all her belongings and left the house without telling me anything.

I contacted her and she kept saying she just needed space so she was living with a lady friend in town. I never did anything to hurt her , I was really confused as to what had led her to such a decision.

I got the shock of my life a month after she left, when a friend called and asked whether or not I knew about Nana Yaa’s impending wedding. I thought it was a joke till he sent me pictures of her pre wedding photo shoot.

Apparently, she’s been sleeping with her boss all this time we’ve been living together and had gotten pregnant. I thought I was going to die, the pain was unbearable…the betrayal was too much to handle.

Asantewaa, we were sleeping together when she was with me, so there’s a possibility the baby she’s carrying could be mine. She’s getting married to her boss in some few weeks and I want to ask her for a DNA test to prove the baby shes carrying isn’t mine.





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