I’m In Love With My Husband’s Friend


Dear Asantewaa,

I know most people will be appalled by this revelation but when it comes to issues in relation to matters of the heart and what people want, you should always know the heart wants what the heart wants.

I met my husband three years ago, I wouldn’t call it love at first sight ….but we made it work.

Fast forward to a year ago, he proposed and we got married. I loved him so much I could just kill for him.

Things became sour barely two months after marriage when I found out that before we got married he had affairs with several other women and marriage couldn’t change him, he continued to have extra marital affairs with other women.

You can imagine the pain I felt in my heart when I found out the man I loved more than any other person could betray my love so easily.

The pain was unbearable but as a good married woman I decided to give my promiscuous husband a second chance since he was also human and wasn’t perfect.

Unfortunately, he took me for a fool since I forgave him so easily and he continued his sexual escapades with other women. He disrespected me in so many ways but i still stayed and continued to pray.

About six months ago, as usual he went out and didn’t come home early, his friend Chris came to the house to see him, he has been outside the country for sometime now so he wanted to surprise my husband but my sweet promiscuous husband who prefers the company of other ladies and friends after work wasn’t home when he came.

Chris and I talked for so long and it was refreshing to talk to someone again since my husband and I barely had conversations……he preferred being on his phone all the time, so talking to Chris made me really happy.

After that day, we became good friends and we could talk for hours and there was no boring moment. Chris has now become my confidant, best friend and a shoulder I could cry on. He has been there for me these six months more than my husband has been for the three years I’ve known him.

I have fallen in love with Chris and he told me he loved me too.

Now, I’m torn between staying in my suffocating marriage and moving on with my life and finding happiness again.





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