It had been long I went to church until yesterday. I got there about 45mins late because it took me almost 30mins to finally settle on one of these voices… The loud one that said “sleep small” and the faint one that said “no you have to go now”.

I finally arrived in church and sat on the last but one seat in the row next to a teenage boy on my left. When I lifted my head after bowing to say a short prayer as I settled down, another guy had joined on the last seat in the row to my right.

During a song ministration before the sermon delivery, I noticed the teenager to my left fidgeting with his phone. I was optimistic that at least he would put the phone away before the pastor mounts the podium….. Unfortunately the fidgeting got even worse as the pastor started preaching. After about 11 minutes into the sermon i still couldn’t understand how someone would waste his time to come sit in church only to fidget with his phone from start to end of a sermon.

As humanly curious as I was, I decided to take a glance at his phone and I was shocked. The dude was playing temple run. Well he was in the temple of God perhaps that’s why he decided to play “temple run”.

I hoped that along the way the holy spirit would touch him so he concentrates but I guess the demon in him was too strong. After 45 minutes I decided to glance again and this time to my utter dismay he was flipping through his pictures. After 2 successful flips came a semi nude picture of a young lady. I cleared my throat as loud as I could and turned to the pastor’s direction. Just as I turned, from the right corner of my eye, I noticed the guy to my right was also seriously fidgeting with his phone. Sincerely the two guys succeeded in distracting me because I needed to get my facts right for the purpose of this write up. I peeped at his phone too and noticed he was chatting on whatsApp.I managed to catch a glimpse of the first few sentences in his chat. Trust me you wouldn’t want to know what i saw.

Now this got me thinking…… People won’t dare pick phone calls when they have meetings with their bosses at work but will pick phone calls in the presence of God. (LORD HAVE MERCY ON US)

Anyway……. Long story short. I tried to juxtapose a colonial(old timers) Christian with a modern day Christian. I was born into the church of Pentecost, growing up in the early 90’s, a lady who braided or permed her hair was required to cover it up with a scarf before she enters the church and we hardly saw women in trousers in church.

Not too long ago there was a back and fourth debate about this requirement and human right activists won. In as much as I agree we are evolving and change is inevitable, I’d like to caution us about the sorts of things we are quick to change. These days people go to church to either show off their new dress, new hairstyles etc. Covering one’s hair prevented a possible distraction of attention to people sitting behind them.

Every society has a level of maturity it attains to be able to handle some amount of “democracy/freedom”. It’s fine that we travel and learn new things and behaviour, we should however be careful how quick we scrap off our existing practices and adapt to these new ones.

Some people misuse/overuse the slightest freedom they are given. Others pick up some people’s culture and exaggerate when practicing them. Charismatic churches are characterized by a routine practice of worship preceded by praise and the sermon follows or vice versa. The worship period is where a believer avails and submits him/herself before the Lord. When people get into the spirit, there are manifestations in so many forms. Some stand still, others cry, some kneel and some even go as far as lying on the floor. To my best of understanding, this happens spontaneously when one actually avails him/herself.

Believe me or not, these days people are reluctant to kneel in church when praying because they don’t want their attire to get dirty. Some women won’t allow tears to flow down their cheeks because they don’t want their mascara make up to be wiped off (no jokes about this). We are more concerned about worldly stuff…..VANITY!!!!!!! Modernism is a cancer that’s gradually eating into Christianity and if care isn’t taken a day will come when pastors will upload sermons on YouTube so their church members won’t even attend church services in temples/church buildings.

A lot of people don’t send bibles to church any longer…. All they rely on is the downloaded bible on their phones or iPads. I’m not judging nor saying it is a bad thing, all I’m saying is some things are best when left in their original forms. I remember the popular story we were told in Sunday school about an old woman who met a demon on her way to church, the story added that she shouted and threw her bible at the demon and it vanished. Let’s be honest and realistic, do you think any demon will run if you throw your iPad or phone at it just because you have a downloaded bible App? Assuming it will even work, will anyone risk the breakage of the screen of his iPhone by throwing it if he/she encounters such an incident?

Education gives us a clearer picture of certain things that were seen as Taboos….. e.g we were cautioned not to sing/talk while bathing. Common sense should tell you it was meant to prevent the soap lather from entering ones mouth. The myths and taboos that were associated to these precautions deterred people from trying them and everything was fine. As soon as modernisation(eye open) set in HoLaLaaaa…… so so fooling people they fool.

Guys dress with saggy pants and women dress with either their boobs or thighs bare to church. Rich and influential people are given positions in church these day at the expense of the poor who actually merit it. Pastors drive the flashiest cars these days and their church members lavish in poverty. If I had enough time I could go on and on and on but I’ve got to return to work. There is a saying in my language that “Hunger kills a child who tells his neighbours his mother is asleep when she’s actually dead” …

If you have a problem and you pretend not to know…. well let’s leave that for my next write up 😊


by: Suntaa Konogini(Asantewaasblog)


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