I asked a friend, whether she would like to cohabit or get married, she told me she prefers cohabitation to marriage.

I asked her for reasons for that and she told me that when you get married to someone it involves a lot of commitment and it does not give you freedom. When you are not married to the person, it won’t require any document before you break up with the person if you think the person is not good enough for you.

In my own opinion, what she is saying somehow makes sense because it has both positive and negative effects. Cohabitation has become more popular with the youth in Ghana. The youth nowadays don’t see anything wrong with cohabitation because they think it’s normal. One may ask, what at all is cohabitation?  Cohabitation is defined as arrangements where two people who are not married live together in a romantic  and sexual intimate relationship on a long-term or permanent basis.

Cohabitation is not accepted in our country due to our customs and traditions.

Also, in my opinion, cohabitation has more negative effects than positive effects. There are also various reasons why the youth like to cohabit than to get married in this era.

Cohabitation discourages the youth  from commitment. Marriage is all about commitment. A young adult that is afraid to face commitment will never face the light of adulthood.

According to Mr. Fuentes and a number of websites about cohabitation, the most used reason for young adult to cohabit is because they want to try before deciding. He also mentioned that a couple cohabit because they are afraid to get married since annulment is expensive.

Since marriage requires a lot of experience and maturity and the youth lack such things, they prefer to cohabit which is simple and does not demand such requirement to marriage.

It increases the likelihood of early sexual encounter and unwanted pregnancies. When a young couple is alone under one roof, what else do you think they’ll be doing? They wont be studying, that’s for sure. If whatever activity it may be bears unwanted results, what do you think people do with unwanted things?

It is too heartbreaking and unbearable for me to answer that. If they do not abort it, they will find it difficult to cater for themselves and the unplanned child.

However, on the other hand, cohabitation enables you to know your partner very well. This helps the couples to know how to live with each other. It will help them to know whether he or she is the right person or not. It enables them to live with each other. Many people choose cohabitation as a way to test-drive the relationship before getting married.

Though early marriage doesn’t necessarily mean early divorce, the study shows that living together beforehand improves the likelihood of a couple staying together. It may appear to be a practical, positive stepping stone to healthy marriage but it can cause certain risk which may affect both couple.

Research indicates that living together before marriage can bring significant harm to the relationship and the individuals involved.


Roselyn Osei-Kuffour(Asantewaasblog)


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